Calgary SEO CompaniesCalgary SEO (or Calgary Search Engine Optimization) refers to the entire set of actions which can be done for the purpose of improving websites’ popularity in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Benefits of resorting to SEO

There are multiple benefits when it comes to a high-quality Calgary SEO campaign, benefits which are best visible on the long term. Cost effectiveness is the major benefit of any SEO strategy, since it is not intended just for short-term promotion such as a PPC campaign. Experts basically put face to face products and services to users who are looking for them. Raising awareness is another major benefit of being on top of search engines, implying that your website will be viewed by a greater audience and will improve your chances of being an authoritative business.

Here is a brief explanation of the most important SEO benefits:
Cost effectiveness – SEO services are among the most effective strategies in terms of costs. They are basically responsible for putting customer’s product or service right in front of the visitors, hence making it a lot easier for them to take a final decision.

Raising awareness – Being on the top of Google for a certain keyword or key phrase guarantees that your website will receive a significant number of impressions, thus leading to an increase in awareness for your business. Being on the first page for specific targeted words guarantees not only help in associating your brand with those terms, but also indicates a high degree of confidence in relation to your company. Businesses listed on the first page of Google searches are regarded as trustworthy by 80% of visitors.

Increase in site traffic – Top positions in search engines receive a huge number impressions and clicks, thus being able to greatly increase your popularity. In addition, properly-optimized tags and descriptions can increase your click rate too, thus helping your website to receive even more traffic.

ROI (return on investment) – SEO provides measurable results that can be tracked, regardless of the website’s nature. Thus, you will always know where your money goes.

How long should you do SEO for?

SEO is a long term process with long-term benefits for your business. First results will be seen after the first month, but a stable position of your website in major search engines will be achieved after at least 3-4 months of campaign.

Site Speed, Layout and Design?

chilliwack-web-designLayout and website design are important factors for Search Engine ranking. Recently, we have noticed that site speed is now being used as a ranking indicator. Our website designers are industry experts and will develop SEO friendly layouts and designs. OHow to do SEO?

SEO is a process which requires both technical and creative elements alike. Changes in website pages, text changes or creating some recommendations links coming from other sites – these are part of the technical process of SEO. The difference in the success of a Calgary SEO campaign and its failure lies in the originality of the creation process – how changes to the website are done, which are the expressions chosen for website’s promotion, quality of link referrals and more.

At Think Tank we will sit down with you and explain pretty much everything we will be doing to increase your site’s ranking. The processes we use are pretty high level and even if we tell you how we are doing things you simply can’t just go do it yourself. So we aim for total transparency and safety of your domain. We can help you get to page one of Google.

Calgary SEO Specialists

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